Wu Guanglin, vice president Led his team of doctors from school of Environment and Ecology to Lishui for a Discussion on Projects of Technological Cooperation

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In order to prompt the cooperation between our university and local government, enterprises, propel the implementation of scientific & technological projects, and realize the integration of university and local government, WuGuanglin, vice president led his team of doctors from school of environment and ecology, as well as personnel in charge of science & technology section and paid a visit to LishuiXinzhuang industrial park for a negotiation with people from Lishui district government, Lishui environmental protection bureau, Lishui new & high technology investment company. Both sides contributed to a discussion on project cooperation, mutual construction by the university and local government, of research and development, and on creating a technological service platform

WuGuanglin emphasized that this meeting was important for implementing the strategies proposed by Nanjing municipal government, to propel the realization of scientific achievements, new R&D institutes, integration of university and local industries. Adhering to the conception of openness, Jiangsu open university will pool excellent R&D intellects to serve Lishui local economic development.

GanFangqun, vice director of school of environment and ecology introduced his team’s research on four aspects, namely, assessment and investigation on environment and ecology , arrangement and design of landscape plant, new environmental-friendly material development, new water treatment technology. Meanwhile he proposed establishing an ecological restoration center with relevant enterprises in Lishui as a  method of cooperation.

Concentrating on the above-mention four aspects, both sides negotiated before they reached a preliminary agreement. WuGuanglin required the school of environment and ecology to come up with a general plan for cooperation as soon as possible and find a precise entry point before further detailed negotiation.