School of Information and Electrical Engineering Launched Search for Alumni Footprint & Enlighten Growth Activities (1)

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2021-04-23Set Up

On the afternoon of April 20, a team of visitors from School of Information and Electrical Engineering arrived at Jiexin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd in Jiangning District and called on their outstanding alumni Xu Shujun, a JSCVC graduate of computer science and technology at Grade 09, currently general manager of Jiexin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

During the visit, deeply impressed by Xu Shujun’ s life experience and feelings, visiting students felt that only by constantly learning, enterprising, and self improvement can life be more colorful. Xu said that young college students should have goals, carry forward the spirit of hard work, and strive to achieve their own value in life. The face-to-face communication with alumni has envisioned the students prospects of their own future, meanwhile, alumni ’s work experience and life perception is also deeply enlightening everyone present.

Over the conversation, Xu Shujun expressed her love, gratitude and nostalgia for her alma mater. She dug out the graduation speech kept and treasured for years, expressed her gratitude and sentiment to teacher Huang Li, counselor Sun Yanhuai, and recalled the good years spent in the School of Information and Electrical Engineering, smiling happily. Liu Wenjing, the group leader exchanged ideas on students, talent training via school-enterprise cooperation, construction of alumni association, etc. She also invited Xu Shujun back to her old school to give guidance on entrepreneurship.

This alumni search activity conveys the school's concern for alumni, deepens the emotional relationship between the college and alumni, and lays the foundation for furthering alumni work, serving alumni enterprises and promoting the positive role of alumni in the development of the school.