Mascot "Xiao Zhi" a New Member of Credit Bank Gives Instructions of the Platform

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2021-04-30Set Up

The image of Xiao Zhi , a mascot of Jiangsu Lifelong Education Credit Bank, originated from the shape of a flower in the credit bank logo. A visualization of a spirited little boy, the image represents the youth vitality of credit bank as a new thing. The name of Xiao Zhi comes from the core idea of the credit bank as life-long education in Jiangsu Province, which symbolizes the management service of the credit bank to the learners' spiritual wealth.

Guided by Xiao Zhi , learners can fully understand Jiangsu Lifelong Education Credit Bank, learn to use the network service platform for various purposes and complete the management of personal learning results with ease.