JSOU Held Graduation and Degree Conferring Ceremony for Graduates of 2021

Views:10Author:TANG WEIJIANTimes:2021-06-28Set Up

On the morning of June 26th, JSOU held the graduation and degree conferring ceremony for graduates of 2021 in the way of combining online and offline venue. Wang Jianming, secretary of JSOU Party Committee, Cui Xinyou, JSOU president and other JSOU leaders attended the ceremony. All leaders congratulated the graduation of 9,635 open university students and 6,931 higher vocational college students and wished them a pleasant new journey. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Jin Lixia, deputy secretary of JSOU Party Committee and JSOU vice president.

Cui Xinyou gave the last lecture to all the graduates entitled You and Me: Struggle is Life, Life Only Forward before the end of their studies. He said that students were always connected with the alma mater with which they shared weal and woe. He hoped that all the graduates would always have a passion for learning, cultivate useful habits and never stop learning. Therefore, students could enjoy the lifestyle of learning and strive to realize the Chinese dream. 

Jin Lixia delivered a speech to all the graduates in which she hoped all the students could combine their own pursuit with the nation’s goals, uphold the responsibilities of the young generation, live up to youth and make great achievements in the new era. 

Zhang Xiao, JSOU vice president, read out the decision of awarding outstanding graduates of 2021 and the documents of awarding bachelor’s degree in spring, 2021. You Jiachun, JSOU vice president read out the list of alumni liaison members for the graduates of 2021. All JSOU leaders awarded the honorary certificate to representatives of outstanding graduates, issued diplomas to representatives of graduates and passed letters of appointment to the alumni liaison representative. Qian Qi, director of JSOU Dean’s Office, handed over the alumni list to Liu Tao, director of JSOU Office of Alumni Association. 

The representatives of teachers, cooperative enterprises, alumni, dormitory administrators and graduates delivered their speeches respectively.