Dr. Li Xiaolong from School of Civil Engineering and Architecture Obtained Approval of National Natural Science Foundation

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2021-08-23Set Up

In August 2021, the project "Research on the Bending Creep Performance of Light Wood Sandwich Beams of Composite Materials under Load and Environmental Coupling" by Dr. Li Xiaolong, a teacher from School of Civil Engineering and Architecture was approved by the Youth Science Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation, with a project funding of 240,000 yuan.

Taking the composite light wood sandwich core beam with broad application prospects in the field of infrastructure as the main research object, the project carries out research on its bending creep performance and design method under the combination of load and environment coupling. In an attempt to achieve a breakthrough in two key scientific matters, namely, the establishment of the core beam bend creep response prediction model and the optimization design method of core beam anti-creep deformation. This project is of great significance to the improvement of the dimensional stability of the composite light wood sandwich beam during the long service process and the realization of its popular application as a long-term load-bearing component.

In recent years, the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture has made efforts in the promotion of high-level talents and scientific research projects, and achieved good results, their declaration of NSFC projects has been successful for three consecutive years. In the future, the School will continue to consolidate the direction of scientific research, build teams, form characteristics and strive for greater breakthroughs in high-level scientific research projects, make due contributions to build a high-level open university.