UKOU Professor Peter Taylor Invited to Give Distance Lecture on Full Credit System

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On the afternoon of July 8th, a special training for JSOU full credit system was held in Dinghuaimen Campus. The training adopted the form of online and offline combination. JSOU invited Peter Taylor, a renowned expert in the field of international distance education, emeritus professor of UKOU and professional leader of Open Degree, to conduct the distance online training on full credit system. Xu Wen served as the on-site interpreter. The lecture was presided over by JSOU vice president Zhang Xiao.

As a senior member of several university committees in UKOU, Peter Taylor has in-depth theoretical research and rich practical guidance experience on the full credit system. He explained the framework of higher education credits in England from the perspective of mechanism, advantages and disadvantages and how to provide the basis for high quality learning experience and analyzed in detail how British universities design their majors combined with projects from dimensions such as hierarchical framework/standard, learning outcomes, new major certification and subject benchmark statements. 

In terms of professional project design, Taylor gave in-depth interpretation from the aspects of Splitting Professional Projects into Courses Bearing Different Credits, Designing Specific Courses, Flexible Design, and Problems to Be Considered When Designing a New Major. And he gave detailed explanation on issues such as Course Selection, Professional Design, Examination, Course Schedule and Academic Degree Evaluation Committee to help JSOU teachers open patterns of thinking, broaden international vision and deepen their understanding of Full Credit System from a different perspective.

During the lecture, JSOU teachers had a warm discussion with Peter Taylor on several topics, namely relationship between curriculum achievement and degree attainment, the evaluation subject and evaluation method of curriculum map, and how to select teaching quality assessment tools.

Zhang Xiao made a concluding speech. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to Peter Taylor and hoped JSOU would have more opportunities to further communicate with UKOU, laying a good foundation for Full Credit System to be realized in JSOU.